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The Latest Trends!

The Latest Trends!

Kyds always has the latest trends! We are so excited for everything in store, especially for what's to come! Kyds owners Rachel and Mel went to NYC to shop the latest trends, get ready for even more awesome pieces! For any additional info, call the store directly at 904-595-5092!

Of course the "bomber style" jackets are back! This is a very stylish trend, especially perfect for the chillier months!

This Jacket by #hannahbanana is EVERYTHING!! Also, pairing it with this Guatemalan crossbody! SO ADORBS!

Raise your hand if you aren't the biggest fan of these chilly days, but you're a really big fan of cute outfits like this? Love Love 💕 this wool vest and long sleeve tee by @ @peoplesprojectlakids! 👖 @DL1961denim!

Howdy 🤠!! Come grab this new @feather4arrow tee for your cowboy or cowgirl 😍!

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