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In today's post we are talking all things shoes!!! Everyones gotta have them, so why not have stylish ones? We have a very wide variety of all types of shoes, for boys and girls! Here are just a few of our favorites! For any additional info, please contact the store directly at 904-595-5092!

Native shoes are the perfect brand for your little. Great for everything! These shoes are so versatile and can be worn for tons of different occasions. Native shoes range from sizes 4-13!

The perfect gold and silver shoe to go with every outfit! These make any outfit 10x cuter! A definent necessity!

Duck boots! I mean these are totally perfect for fall! We also have them for girls!

Sparkles are awesome on their own, but they are even better when they are on shoes! Say what?!!! These shoes are every little girls fantasy!

How stylish are these Native shoes? Your Kyds will be the coolest in town with these!

Booties are a must for fall! These Kenneth Cole booties can go with anything! But, looks especially great with this Dex Clothing flannel dress!

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