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Timeless Pieces!

These pieces last forever, and can be passed down to other Kyds!

Timeless Pieces!

Wether you have one kid or ten kids, timeless pieces are a must! You want to have items that you will be able to pass down kid-to-kid. Kyds has tons of different sizes and options for exceptional timeless pieces! For any additional information please contact us at 904-595-5092.

Dress clothes are a definite timeless piece. Button downs and kakis never go out of style. These items can be passed down from kid-to-kid, especially with Frenchie Mini Couture's high quality. Sizes 2-8.

Oh my! Haute Baby's dresses are seriously the cutest! The lace detail is my fav! These dresses are perfect for church or any fun outing. Definently timeless! Sizes 0-3months- size 6 girls.

Collared tees (Splendid, Frenchie Mini Couture, and Egg by Susan Lazar all go to sizes 2-8)!!! If you have boys you know, TIMELESS! So easy to throw on, but so classic at the same time! Win win!

Now these Luna Luna Collection (right sizes 9months-24months & left sizes 2-6 years) little dresses are a little more fancy, but are perfect for any holidays or special occasions. I have multiple dresses like these that I have passed down through my girls, and are always timeless and in-style. Obsessed!!!

This Splendid set is a little more on the comfier side, but still has style! A pair of joggers are a must in every wardrobe! Camo set sizes 3-6.

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