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P A J A M A S!

Pajamas are my fav!

P A J A M A S!

Hey y'all we have another fun blog post today! Pajamas! I don't know if it's just me, but I love my babies in their PJs! You just want to squeeze and snuggle them! Especially with these brands we are about to show you. For more information contact Kyds at 904-595-5092!

Oh my! How awesome are these footie PJs from 7 For All Man Kind. This would be a great gift for a friend with a new baby!

This PJ set is from KicKee Pants! Kickee Pants PJ sets are SO soft! Like the snuggle is REAL.

Cute paint splattered PJs from 7 For All Man Kind. Pockets in the front and the back!!! We also have these pacifiers for your littles!

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