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Must Have Staples!

Come Shop Kyds Staples!

Must HAVE Staples!

Please tell me I'm not the only one whose kids are growing like crazy?!? Every time fall comes around I feel like my kids have grown at least a foot (maybe like 3inches, but still!) and I'm always searching for things that fit and find little to nothing, but lucky me Kyds has cute staples year round. These items power pack every Kyds wardrobe! For any additional questions, please contact Kyds directly at 904-595-5092. Happy shopping!

How CUTE are these sneakers?! The shoes pictured above from Kenneth Cole (sizes 11-5) go with our Dex Clothing jeans (sizes 8-12) , and flare top from People's Project LA Kids (sizes 7-12) ! Come quick, because this look wont last long!

Pocket tees are a great addtion to any outfit! I mean just picture your little Kyds wearing this pocket tee from Vintage Havana (sizes 5-16 for the grey shirt, but only size 7 is left for the blue shirt) , and our black Hudson jeans (sizes 2-10) All the heart eyes!

Praying we can wear our sunnies all season long! This floral dress from Ella Moss (sizes 7-12), paired with our Kenneth Cole high black boots (which is a necessity for fall I must add:) (sizes 12-5), This outfit is quick and easy to throw on!

Unicorns and glitter! That's all I've got to say! Lucky you, Kyds has your little girl's back with purses, glitter shoes, unicorns, and dresses! Need I say more? I would definitely call these staples:) The dresses are Egg by Susan Lazar (sizes 2-8 for the left dress, and sizes 2-6 for right dress) , and the glitter shoes are Morgan and Milo (sizes 7-13.5)

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